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Sally Hallada is an experienced Speaker, Entrepreneur, Social Networker and Single Mom of 4 boys. She has a demonstrated history of working in the consumer and network marketing industry and is skilled in Charity Work, Coaching, Retail, Sales, Networking and working with children in after-school programs and the foster care system. She loves to inspire people to follow their own dreams. Check out Sally’s new Podcast, Sally-Talk.

“Not only is Sally knowledgeable about her topic, but she’s hysterical! What a great way to get a message across! No one wants to listen to a boring speaker. Trust me – that will never be an issue where Sally is concerned. She can read the audience, keep them engaged and laughing while sharing information. What a great combination!”

—Liz Barlak, Liz Barlak Photography

“Sally understands how to keep an audience engaged in whatever topic she is speaking about.  She has a wicked sense of humor that brings people together, disarms and relaxes the skeptic, and makes her human and relatable. Sally speaks with authority and experience that commands attention. If you need a speaker for the after-lunch crowd to perk them up after a meal, Sally is your gal.  There are not many people with the talent to pull that off.”

Carol Pilkington, Co-Leader Burbank/Glendale, WIN-Networking

“You can’t do better than to hire Sally Hallada as your speaker. Thoroughly entertaining and engaging, Sally delights audiences with her humor and authenticity whenever she gets up to present. I highly recommend her as your speaker to bring a level of entertainment and professionalism to your event.”

—Stacy Dymalski, The Memoir Midwife

“I discovered Sally’s outstanding talent as a public speaker when she first presented at our WIN-Networking organization. Sally’s expertise goes well beyond her speaking ability, as she motivates the audience with her professionalism & experience, as well as a great sense of humor. As a key member of WIN-Networking, Sally inspires other businesses & entrepreneurs to excel, and represents what it takes to be a successful business entrepreneur.”

 Joyce Robertson, Co-Founder & President, WIN-Networking, Inc.

“Sally is a profound speaker who not only captivates her audience with relatable stories but speaks at a level that everyone connects on. Her experiences and successes throughout life and business validate her as a speaker and gives her a way to inspire others to move forward in their own endeavors.”

Mary Anne Been, JohnHart Real Estate

The SallyTalk Podcast

The SallyTalk Podcast is a place to listen in and connect with others in ways that empower and inspire you to be your best, while facing life’s circumstances.

Sally shares her own powerful journey through grief, raising four boys as a single parent and being an entrepreneur.  

You’ll listen to interviews with people who have found ways to reinvent and empower themselves while helping others do the same.